Working papers and work in progress

  • Job Loss and Behavioral Change: The Unprecedented Effects of the India Lockdown in Delhi (with Kenneth Lee, Harshil Sahai, and Michael Greenstone)
  • Default Effects, Follow-on Behavior and Welfare in Residential Electricity Pricing Program (with Meredith Fowlie, Catherine Wolfram, C. Anna Spurlock, Annika Todd, and Peter Cappers, R&R at the Review of Economic Studies)
  • Moral Hazard, Wildfires, and the Economic Incidence of Natural Disasters (with Judson Boomhower, Under review)


Other projects

  • Along with an amazing group of faculty members and graduate students at the VSE, I helped develop the VSE COVID Risk/Reward Assessment Tool, designed to assist policymakers as they make decisions around when and how to open different sectors of the Canadian economy. The code is available here.