• Nick Huntington-Klein’s ECON 305, “Economics, Causality, and Analytics”
    • “a new kind of econometrics class that puts causality and programming skills first, before regression or anything else.”
  • Grant McDermott’s EC607, “Environmental Economics and Data Science”



  • HRMS: Salary and expense reimbursements (need to be on campus or on VPN).
  • FSC: Get classlists and submit grades.




R Packages

  • modelsummary: Publication-ready summary statistics, tidy-style.
  • gt: RStudio’s new package for table-making.
  • tmap: Create decent maps quickly. Probably not a full replacement for publication-quality maps with ggplot2, though.
  • datadrivencv: reduce the burden of maintaining a CV
  • {disk.frame}: Manipulate larger-than-memory datasets (similar to Spark, Dask, JuliaDB)
  • pacman - Package manager for R
  • fixest: Fast(est?) fixed effect estimation, includes non-linear approaches.
  • gghighlight
  • cowplot (Clause Wilke)
  • glue: Easily combine strings.
  • patchwork: Easily lay out ggplot figures.
  • qs: Faster drop-resplacement for saveRDS and readRDS. Similar to FST, but can work on any type of object. Make sure to reload the relevant package (e.g., sf), though, or you’ll get weird errors.


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